After School STEM / STEAM Programs

Monthly S.T.E.A.M. Memberships


  • Programs to help children thrive socially and academically, whilst having fun at the same time
  • Over 1500 hours of Curriculum!
  • More than just Coding, students can jump in and out of different STEAM tracks! From Tech, Engineering, Science/Art and more!
  • Snapology courses boost proficiency in mathematics, problem solving, and critical thinking.
  • Designed for busy families. Enrol any time, no lock in contracts
  • Students can choose their path and earn badges for each course they complete!
  • Equip your child with skills to build a successful career
  • Our programs align with the Early Years Learning Framework and Australian curriculum and are developed by teachers for schools & education services.


These are multi-disciplinary STEAM programs that teach students various STEAM principles. All these programs are designed to develop confidence, critical thinking, teamwork, communication skills, creativity, problem solving and collaborative skills. The best part it, that each of these programs have various themes to make it fun. Programs in this track include:Superheroes, ROBLOX, Pokemania, Star Wars, Minecraft, Ninjas, Castles, Kingdoms and Wizards and more.

Snapology’s engineering track focuses on developing 21st Century Learning Skills in children through the building and manipulation of various DUPLO®, LEGO® or K’Nex® models. Our activities challenge participants to cultivate problem solving skills through the application of the scientific method and project planning. Students learn various engineering and physics principles as they build some engineering marvels. Programs include Foundational Engineers, Amusement Park Engineers, Mechanical Masterminds and more!

In the Science/Art track students have a variety of courses they can complete which teach students both science and art in a very fun, hands-on way. All these programs are designed to develop confidence, critical thinking, teamwork, communication skills, creativity, problem solving and collaborative skills. Programs include Scientists, Superstructures, Sports Science, Animation and more!

Snapology’s Robotics programs teach children the basics of computer programming and engineering through interactive robotic model builds and challenges. Our Robotic enrichment series offers children ages 7-12 hands-on experience developing computer skills, problem solving skills and teamwork capabilities. Programs in this track include: Mega Machines, Incredible inventions, Creature Creator Robotics and more! Each Robotics program also incorporates various scientific areas of study from transportation, the animal kingdom, real world applications, etc.

Snapology’s technology programs teach children computer skills, techniques and programming through fun interactive activities. Our technology enrichment series offers children ages 9-14 hands on experience developing computer skills, problem solving skills, creativity and teamwork capabilities. Programs in this track include Drones, Videogame Design, Animation Studio and more!

Snapology’s competition track is for those who love a challenge and competition. Programs in this track combine all the various STEAM principles from across the tracks to test students against each other in friendly competition. From Escape Room Snapology, Combat Robots to the Amazing Race and STEM Survivor, our wide range of competitive programs will really keep your child coming back for more!

Children ages 3-6 engage in fun, educational play in Snapology’s preschool programs. These programs incorporate DUPLO® blocks and are designed to inspire creativity and enhance fine motor skills while teaching lessons such as letter recognition, phonics, writing skills and basic engineering. Programs include Junior Engineers, Discovering Dinosaurs, RoboPets, ABC’s and 123’s and more!

Designed for younger students aged 5-7. Programs in this track combine all the various STEAM principles from across the tracks and delivered to children at their level. These courses introduce children into the world of Robotics, coding, engineering and various scientific fields. Programs include Kinderbots, Basic Engineers, Junior Scientists and more! Spark your child’s curiosity and love for Science!

Snap Pass

$ 99
  • 1 month pass


$ 29 Per Week (Billed Fortnightly)
  • 1 Class per week


$ 55 Per Week (Billed Fortnightly)
  • 2 Classes per week
  • Access to monthly parents night out
  • 25% of all school holiday camps
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Most frequent questions and answers

When you sign up for a membership, your child can pick any learning path they choose and choose a suitable session time (called tracks). Students will be able to complete various short courses in that track. Each course varies in length ranging from 2 week to 12 week programs.

Yes absolutely! Students can jump in and out of learning paths as they complete various courses. E.g Your child could choose Robotics in term 1 and complete 2 different five week courses and then switch over to the Engineering Path and begin a new course.

Many of our programs teach students different concepts over the course of multiple weeks. This allows students to join any time they like without feeling lost in the class. However there are a few courses which require students to join from the beginning to achieve the best learning outcomes and experience. These course include Animation Studio and Video game Design.

If your child misses a class due to illness, a make-up lesson can be attended on another day if there are positions available in that class.

Families on membership will get first notice of upcoming parents night out events. Bookings can be made online at no extra charge.

A smile and lots of energy! Snapology will provide all resources in class, students can bring a snack and bottle of water to class.

Yes we do, you can your creative kids vouchers for any of our programs. Please send our team an email at [email protected]