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Snapology is proud to be a premier partner for STEM / STEAM programs in hundreds of schools. Snapology works hand-in-hand with each school to assist in the delivery of world-class STEAM programs. Why recreate the wheel? Through a partnership with Snapology, your school can offer a wide variety of programs to students at affordable prices without the hassle of developing a curriculum from scratch or purchasing expensive inventory. Snapology’s curriculum directors and Program Advisory Panel have done the work for you. Our fun, innovative, hands-on learning approach is sure to be a big hit with your students.



lego robotic class

Snapology provides fun, hands-on learning experiences for students in grades pre-K-8th grade. From Robotics to Engineering to Video Game Design to Animation, there’s something for everyone. Choose from dozens of popular topics and themes. We use LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology to make learning fun.

robotic classes for kids

Have us in to supplement the current curricula being taught at your school. Our programs are all project-based, student-centered, and all aligned to acara digital technology & state-specific curriculums.  Choose from dozens of popular programs using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex, and technology to make learning fun. You’ll love our flexibility.

Stem After School Programs

Robotics at age 4? Yes, we can do that! Snapology will engage your 3-5 year-olds using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. They’ll have so much fun that they won’t even realize they’re learning science, technology, engineering, math, art and literacy concepts. Kids are meant to learn through play. We’ll provide supplemental support to your curricula.

legos classes

Looking for a new incursion idea? Snapology incursions allow teachers to sit back and relax while students create group engineering projects like Amusement Parks and Robotic Zoos. Can’t afford bussing? No worries. We can come to you. 

robotic class for kids

Looking for support at your Science Fair or Family Fun Night. Snapology has your back! We love working with PTAs to provide hands-on, interactive activities for kids during family PTA events and fundraisers. Contact your local Snapology to find out how we can partner together to enhance the PTA programs at your school.

robotics program for kids

Snapology offers dozens of awesome summer camp and workshops options for your students year-round. We work with hundreds of schools across the country to bring our popular programs to students during in-service days, holidays, breaks and summer. Contact us today to find out why students LOVE Snapology camps & workshops.

lego robotic class

Are your students getting tired of the same bullying programs year after year? Try Something Different! Snapology offers Anti-Bullying Programs that provide engaging, hands-on activities and celebrity videos to capture students interests. In our bullying programs, we focus on empowering the bystander and empathizing with the victim and bully. Through fun leadership activities, students begin understand bullying at a deeper level and are given real actions they can take to curtail a bullying situation. Offered as an assembly, small group or large group activity.

robotic class for kid

Looking for an awesome assembly idea? Snapology provides engaging, hands-on activities to capture students interests. In our assemblies, we focus on leadership. Through fun individual and team-based activities, students begin to understand how they can step up and be an effective leader. During the assembly, students will learn about the impact leadership can have on their own lives and the lives of others. Snapology assemblies feature a mixture of fun, hands-on activities and interactive conversation. Your students will walk away with real actions they can take to be a leader. They’ll love it!

kids robotics classes

Looking for something different to do on your next in-service day? Experience REAL TEAM BUILDING and improve communication among staff members with Snapology. Snapology uses a method called LEGO® Serious Play® to ensure every employee participates equally, feels comfortable contributing and is fully engaged in our workshops. We’ll create a safe environment for team members to share ideas. Best of all…it’s fun! Try something different. Conduct a REAL TEAM BUILDING event that produces REAL results.

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