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The Best in Supplemental Education from Snapology

Since the beginning of the Digital Age in the 1980s, educators worldwide are faced with a dilemma. Because of the rapid pace of changes that are taking place in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), teachers are hard pressed to keep up. Unfortunately, they are often hampered by a strict curriculum, so that they are unable to provide the continuing education that children need in order to stay updated.

Snapology can provide the best supplemental education through after school STEM, Engineering and LEGO® classes. Since its inception, Snapology has entered into premier partnerships with hundreds of schools around the world for their STEM/STEAM programs. These partnerships with teachers and P & Cs have allowed for the provision of supplemental education and various teaching activities.

At present, Snapology continues to extend its services to schools. With our wide variety of programs at affordable prices, your school does not have to go through the hassle of developing and/or constantly updating your curriculum. Our curriculum directors and Program Advisory Panel can do the work for you. The result is a fun, innovative, and hands-on education that can revive the love of learning in your students and help them to keep up with the rapid changes in the world today.

Choosing the Right Programs That Are Needed in Your School

Snapology offers a number of activities that your school needs to enrich the learning experience, not only for your students and their parents, but also for your teachers. These programs include the following:


We can provide after school STEAM classes. Any confusing STEAM concepts that they have learned in class can be explained in a fun and understandable way through hands-on, practical projects using Lego®, K’Nex, and other learning toys. Programs range from animation studio to coding, robotics and engineering.


Is your school curriculum already packed so that you are having difficulty updating it with new material? We can supplement your current STEAM curriculum since our programs align with the NSW curriculum. We help your school with custom programs combining multiple disciplines throughout the program. From Science and technology to mathematics, art and even English. We focus on nurturing 21st century skills in a fun and engaging way.

Stem After School Programs

Our Pre-School Programs already introduces basic STEAM concepts in their curriculum, making it easier for them to transition to Primary school and higher-level learning. What better way to teach these concepts than through Robotics! As early as age 4, you will see kids applying the concepts they have learned in the creation of robots out of Lego® brick sets, K’Nex, and other learning toys.


Having problems in deciding where to take your students on their yearly excursions? Snapology can take the lead for your teachers in group engineering projects, such as Amusement Parks and Robotics program or even our super popular escape rooms. Transportation is not a problem since our teachers can come to your schools. Incursions can be half day or full day.


If you are still thinking about activities to do during P&C events and fundraisers, Snapology can take over for you. During Science Fairs, Family Fun Night, and other events, we can provide hands-on, interactive activities that kids, parents, and their teachers can participate in. This allows for better bonding moments with families and educators.


Snapology offers year-round workshops and camps that we can bring to your schools. You can supplement your students’ in-school learning with our popular programs during school holidays!

lego robotic class

If you have been trying to curb bullying in your school and your yearly programs have not changed in quite a while, you can choose to avail of Snapology’s Anti-Bullying Program. Unlike other programs, Snapology shows how bullying develops so that students can better understand and empathize with both the victim and the bully. It also enables bystanders to act in positive ways when faced with a bullying situation. Our Anti-Bullying Programs are presented in assemblies, small group, or large group activities.

lego robotic class

In Snapology, our assemblies and leadership programs go hand in hand. While we offer fun activities and projects for groups, our primary focus is on leadership. Recognizing that each student has a role to play in teamwork activity, we allow students to step up at certain points of an activity/project and take the lead. Not only do we end up inculcating effective leadership qualities in your students, they also understand the impact that their decisions make in their own lives and the lives of others.

kids robotics classes

Do you want to build stronger and more motivated teachers and staff in your school? Snapology offers REAL TEAM BUILDING to improve partnerships and communication among your teaching and other staff members. Using our method called Lego® Serious Play, your teachers and staff can participate equally, comfortably, and with full engagement in projects and group activities. The result is that you have an empowered staff that is open to the sharing and implementation of new ideas for the betterment of your school and your students.

Working Together to Bring STEM To Life!

Every school wants to ensure that their students inculcate what they have learned in their classes and apply them to their real lives. Snapology is the embodiment of this ideal.

With our teaching methods forged by proven research, Snapology has shown that the best learning experiences of children originate from active design, creation, invention, and interaction. Sustained interest and creativity can also be achieved through fun and mentally invigorating technical endeavors such as robotics, animation, engineering, and interactive and play learning. While we teach kids the STEM concepts, we also develop within them much valued social skills, leadership qualities, and teamwork.

Let Snapology be your school’s partner, not just in after school STEM, Engineering, and Lego® classes. Let our partnership be forged by our firm desire for our students’ success!